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We offer a free filler part plug-in for CAD/CAM systems that reads the geometry of the residual surface of existing cutting plans, inserts simple parts from our database and manufactures them directly. For these, we issue a purchase guarantee to manufacturing companies. We offer purchasers the resulting parts at favorable conditions.

In this way, one manufacturer's waste becomes another manufacturer's input, and together we save the environment and resources.


20% production waste in subtractive manufacturing

It is impossible for cutting companies to fully utilise their production capacities.
Where something is cut out, something is left over.

In the industrial cutting of wood, metal and textiles, the average is 20%.

This is not only an ecological problem, but also an economic one: Paid material that was already ready for processing on the machine has to be stored or disposed of - usually at high cost.

Conservatively estimated, over 5 billion euros end up in the bin every year, in Germany alone and only in the wood, metal and textile sectors.

Why has this been hard to change?

Existing fillerpart functions are too expensive to find their way into widespread practice

Storage of offcuts for further use is associated with high storage costs

For small and medium quantities, distribution is generally not worthwhile

Sounds familiar?


Upcycling on an industrial level

Our software offers manufacturers the opportunity to reduce their waste, the associated costs and the CO2 footprint of their company without additional effort - and buyers to source their material from environmentally friendly value creation.

Status Quo

Manufacturers use new material...

...produce ~20% scrap


We connect Manufacturers and purchasers

Horizontal Integration

Purchase guarantee and collection by logistics partner

The waste of the producers becomes the input of the buyers

Information for Cutters

Our filling part plug-in for CAD/CAM systems is free of charge and fits seamlessly into your processes.

It automatically supplements your cutting plans - be it wood, metal or textile - with our filling parts. We take these parts, which are produced in the same work step, from you at a fixed price. Our partners take care of the logistics.

In addition, we will provide you with concrete data on the amount of waste you still produce and how much CO2 you have saved with us.

Information for Buyers

With the purchase of our products, you obtain high-quality industrial goods that would previously have ended up in the garbage.

This way, you not only buy your goods locally and below market price, but also contribute to an environmentally friendly value creation process.

Currently we nest Euro standard sizes up to a maximum of 120*80cm (= Euro pallet) in order to keep the complexity low for us and our partners.

If you require a specific format that deviates from this, we will be happy to make you an offer.


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Advantages for Cutters

Minimization of your disposal and storage costs

Increase the utilization of your production capacities

More climate-friendly processes

Advantages for Buyers

Prices below market level

Independence from imports through local production

Contribution to waste prevention and climate protection

If you are a software developer or machine manufacturer and are interested in a partnership, we would also be pleased to hear from you!




Lukas is a software developer with a focus on IT systems engineering and studies at the Hasso Plattner Institute Potsdam. After various stops in mobile app and web development, he has specialized in personal fabrication and the development of new manufacturing methods. He is particularly drawn to folding problems - be it in the form of algorithms or extended folding boat tours.




Johannes, born in Cologne, actually wanted to become a carpenter. But he ended up studying law and psychology in Freiburg, Vienna and Buenos Aires. In 2012 he came to Berlin, did his PhD in Decision Neuroscience and started building upcycling rafts. He started his first disposal business at the flea market when he was 6.



Project Development

From landscape construction and scuba-intructor to a master of urban ecosystem sciences... Max is passionate about so much more than the standards, procedures and packaging that he most recently juggled as a test engineer. Finally purpose – finally at NORMCUT!




Product and process designer with focus on sustainability.



Full Stack Developer

Bastian is full stack developer and expert for Computer Graphics.



UX and Frontend

Yoga teacher, surfer and – you guessed it – UX designer.




Moritz is an Excel poet and numbers-driven. But that's not all: He studied Hegel three times to make sure he understood everything. He did indeed. If you have Moritz, you no longer need controlling.



Data Expert

Johanna's path to environmental engineering began in early on at elementary school in Saarland. Her further studies led her via Aachen to Berlin, where she is dealing with concepts of circular economy, methods of sustainability management and improving her climbing skills, among other things.



Product Manager

Cornelius has leadership and start-up experience in the software and hardware sector. In addition to his background in materials science, he is a specialist in future topics such as IoT and blockchain.



Full Stack Developer

Jonas is a full stack developer and the man for quick solutions: He simply does it and it just works.



Product Design

Cindy is not only a designer but also McGyver: she builds 3D printers, experiments with new materials and since she has the will, there is always a way.




Nico (HPI-Potsdam) writes software like Monet created paintings. The laptop is his paintbrush, the Internet his lily pond. What emerges is understood by few and loved by all. He lives and works in Berlin, Paris and Sarstedt.



Project Manager

Ali is a computer engineer in Berlin, works in sales and marketing and wants to make new technologies accessible to everyone



CNC Expert

Friedrich is interested in machines of all kinds. From 3D printers to lasercutters to CNC machines, it's all there. As a trained cutting machine operator, he has the necessary expertise



Advisor – Public Affairs

Christian is an expert in digital transformation. After working for Kienbaum Consultants International and the United Nations Economic Commission, among others, he built up the Smart City & Smart Region division for the digital association Bitkom. As a member of the Executive Board, he was responsible for strategic development in the areas of business and technology.